List of comics coloring pictures for kids

The superheroes were created in the years 1930-40 with first of all Superman. Most of the superheroes of comics result from publishers Marvel and DC Comics. In front of the success of Superman, other super-heroes were created, with extraordinary powers.
Choose a superhero from the list for printing some pictures to coloring.

Asterix and Obelix (10 pictures)
Batman (10 pictures)
Captain America (10 pictures)
Catwoman (10 pictures)
Flash (8 pictures)
Garfield (12 pictures)
Hulk (9 pictures)
Iron Man (12 pictures)
Mr Potato Head (10 pictures)
Paddington Bear (10 pictures)
Spiderman (10 pictures)
Superman (10 pictures)
The Fantastic Four (10 pictures)
Wonder Woman (9 pictures)
X Men (10 pictures)

Print a coloring picture and have fun !

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