List of movie coloring pictures for kids

Select a film's category to print and to color. This page contains the drawings of computer-animated film, animated film and action film. Choose your favorite movie to see all coloring page of this one.

Chronicles of Narnia (10 pictures)
Harry Potter (10 pictures)
Horton Hears a Who (8 pictures)
Ice Age (10 pictures)
Indiana Jones (8 pictures)
Kung Fu Panda (10 pictures)
Laurel and Hardy (10 pictures)
Madagascar (10 pictures)
Monster Inc (10 pictures)
Monsters VS Aliens (10 pictures)
Over the Hedge (10 pictures)
Peter Pan (10 pictures)
Planet of the Apes (7 pictures)
Shrek (10 pictures)
Star Trek (8 pictures)
Star Wars (10 pictures)
Tarzan (9 pictures)
The Lord of the Rings (10 pictures)
Toy Story (12 pictures)

Print a coloring picture and have fun !

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